Superstar Full Movie Download

Superstar Full Movie Download

A woman who dreams of being in the film industry falls for the son of a superstar.Initial release: August 9, 2019 (Australia)
Director: Mohammed Ehteshamuddin
Music by: Azaan Sami Khan
Produced by: Momina & Duraid Films

About Superstar

Superstar Movie has been the most talked-about film releasing this Eid and the producers went out of their way to promote it. Pakistani films most often are disappointing in terms of screenplay and script therefore if a film delivers in these two departments then it is definitely a must-watch but then there are also films which might have a done-to-death storyline but the visuals and the dialogues are so stunning that you enjoy watching them. Then there are those films which have the perfect comic element and that is what keeps you hooked. Superstar is definitely not the kind of film that keeps you hooked or looking forward to more. It does not have a single moment which completely blows you away. Superstar tries to achieve too much but ends up showing quite a few clichéd scenarios ‘interrupted’ by some really good songs.

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